Initial Credit Analysis

Banks don’t have time to waste. For borrowers that are not ready or unprepared for Financing, we determine if the project is Bankable by analyzing the borrower’s financials and finding solutions to any issues that may hinder or limit the chances of financing

Service includes:

  • Project Analysis
  • Loan Structure
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • 3 Year Projections & Assumptions
  • Personal Financial Analysis
  • Rent Roll Analysis
  • Notes, Feedback, Recommendation

Some key reasons why EZFS should be like an outsourced Credit department:

  • Former Lender with NAGGL Credit/Underwriting Certification
  • Extensive knowledge of SBA SOPs and Bank regulations
  • Credibility in the Banking World for approx. 30 years
  • We resolve financing issues upfront in order to determine financeable projects
  • We calculate and limit Lender’s risk
  • We can be a support system to Lenders
  • We prepare your Borrower by determining their Bankability
  • Our fees are very cost effective compared to the salary of a full-time inhouse Credit Analyst

For Borrowers that are unprepared for Financing, or maybe your Bank has excessive loan volume that needs extra help, we come in to serve like an Outsourced Credit Department to:

  • Fully understand the project, the borrower, and their vision in order to create a game plan
  • Analyze financials and debt service ratios to build a case that proves the ability to sustain new debt
  • Complete an easy-to-understand Analysis to share with Underwriters/loan committee for quicker approval
  • Calculate debt ratios and levels of potential risks for your Bank
  • Scrutinize financial data such as income growth, market, and business management quality to determine if the loan will be lucrative for the Bank
  • Utilize corporate financial statements, personal financial statement, tax returns, operating statements and rent roll, etc., to conclude a thorough analysis
  • Create projections and assumptions based on information provided by the Borrower


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