Jaspreet Kaur

Credit Analyst & Co-Founder

Jaspreet started her career as a Credit Analyst at a Community Bank in 2012, where she also first met and trained with Parag. Her passion of assisting Entrepreneurs comes from her own background and involvement in her father’s past businesses, including Gas Stations, Import/Export, Wholesale Distribution, Warehousing, and a Sporting Goods Store. When Parag first introduced the idea of starting a Business that will assist ambitious Entrepreneurs, like her father, in achieving success through becoming Bankable, there was absolutely no chance of giving up on the opportunity.

Since 2013, Jaspreet has expanded her expertise as a Loan Consultant, Credit Analyst, and Marketing Consultant at EZFS. Her scope of work involves analyzing Client/Business financials, loan structuring, projecting and forecasting business data, initial underwriting, and presenting the loan to the Lender with recommendation of approval. She is detailed in her analytical work and ensures that projects are completed thoroughly and on time.


  • Bachelor’s from Rutgers Business School Newark – Finance, Sociology
  • Associates from Berkeley College – International Business


Outside of EZ Funding Solutions, Jaspreet loves spending time with her family and close friends. She stays up to date with the everchanging technology, businesses, construction, and economy. She enjoys outdoor activities, traveling, long drives, and attaining new skills – one after another. She is very passionate, ambitious, and maintains long term relationships. Jaspreet believes that everything in life can be achieved through passion, discipline, integrity, commitment, and a little bit of charm.

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