Loan Presentation

We provide you with fully prepared NAGGL Certified and E&O Insured, financeable projects that suit your Bank’s interest and loan requirements.

Service includes: (50-150 documented hours, depending on various factors)

  • Project Analysis
  • Fact Sheet
  • Loan Structure
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • 3 Year Projections & Assumptions
  • Personal Financial Analysis, Rent Roll Analysis, etc.
  • Underwriting
  • Daily communication/updates
  • Closing Due Diligence/coordination

Some key reasons why EZFS should be your source:

  • We are an outside Support System to Lenders (not to be classified as “Loan Brokers”)
  • Former Lender with NAGGL Credit/ Underwriting Certification
  • Extensive knowledge of SBA SOPs and Bank Regulations
  • Consultant, Advisor, and Representative to Client/Borrower (ease of communication)
  • Resolve financing issues upfront in order to bring only Financeable projects to Lenders
  • No Meaningless Packaging – We bring “Projects” that are ready for Approval
  • We calculate and limit Lender’s Risk by demonstrating strengths and weaknesses
  • We earn our commission by providing Lenders with only Quality and Qualified Projects

For Lenders that expect Quality Loan Projects that are Bankable and Approvable by their Loan Committee or decision makers, we are their Trusted Source to bring exactly that. Lenders can expect:

  • Complete Presentation of the Loan Project, Individual, and their Vision
  • Analysis of Financials with Debt Service Ratios to build a case to demonstrate the ability to sustain new debt loan Structure
  • Easy to understand Analysis & Underwriting Report to share with loan committee for quicker approval
  • Timesheet demonstrating activity and progress on loan status
  • Calculated historical Debt Ratios and levels of potential risks with mitigants
  • A former banker managing the entire loan Project including closing due diligence to ensure accountability and faster closing


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