Jaspreet Kaur


Credit Analyst & Co-Founder


Entrepreneurial, Charismatic, Visionary, &Passionate.

Jaspreet started her career as a Credit Analyst at a Community Bank in 2012, where she also first met and trained with Parag. Her passion of assisting Entrepreneurs comes from her background and involvement in her father’s past businesses, including Gas Stations, Import/Export, Wholesale Distribution, Warehousing, and a Sporting Goods Store.She was inspired by seeing her father start, expand, andrevamp multiple businesses throughout his life. However, there weresome pitfallsand shortage of funds to start, sustain, or grow the enterprise. Like many entrepreneurs, her father was not exactly aware of how to become bankable and access capital, and instead used nearly all of his savings. The lessons learntmotivated Jaspreet to start EZ Funding Solutions with Paragand provide various services that can help ambitious Entrepreneurs,like her father,establishprosperous businesses using financing, “because it is important to not only work hardin your business, but alsowork smarton your business.”

Since 2013, Jaspreet has expanded her expertise as a Loan Consultant, Credit Analyst,and Underwriter. Her scope of work involves:

Since 2013, Jaspreet has expanded her expertise as a Loan Consultant, Credit Analyst,and Underwriter. Her scope of work involves:

  • Analyzing individual and business financials
  • Structuring loans
  • Forecasting business data
  • Creating business models
  • Underwriting
  • Presenting the loan to the Lender with recommendation of approval on pre-qualified loans

She is detailed in her analytical work and ensures that projects are completed thoroughly and on time.Her work is highly critical and valuable for the Bank’s loandecisionsandaccurately representsthe Client’s financial position and financing needs.

Jaspreet is also an active New Jersey Real Estate Agent and can further assist EZFS prospectssearch for, or sell, Commercial and Residential properties.


  • Bachelor’s in Finance& Sociology from Rutgers Business School
  • Associates in International Business from Berkeley College


Outside of EZ Funding Solutions, Jaspreet loves to spend time with her family and close friends. She stays updated with the everchanging technology, businesses, construction, and economy. She can go on and on about topics involving, and leading to, new business ideas. She enjoys outdoor activities, traveling, long drives, and attaining new skills one after another.She is very passionate, ambitious, and maintains long-term relationships. Jaspreet’s personal definition of her success is when she owns a large horse farm, with some beautiful and strong horses. She believes that everything in life can be achieved through wisdom, passion, motivation, discipline, integrity, commitment, and a little bit of charm.

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