Loan Underwriting

We serve as an “outsourced” department to underwrite loans for lenders with excessive loan volume

Service includes:

  • Formal Underwriting
  • Loan structure
  • Market/Industry information
  • Competition
  • Personal Financials, etc.
  • Notes, Feedback, Recommendation

Some key reasons why EZFS should be your outsourced Underwriting department:

  • Former Lender with NAGGL Credit/Underwriting Certification
  • Extensive knowledge of SBA SOPs and Bank regulations
  • We resolve financing issues upfront in order to determine financeable projects
  • We calculate and limit Lender’s risk
  • We are an outside support system to Lenders
  • We prepare your Borrower by determining their Bankability
  • Our fees are very cost effective compared to the salary of a full-time inhouse Underwriter

When your Bank has excessive loan volume that need approvals quicker than possible, we have the perfect solution for that. We serve as your outsourced Underwriters who:

  • Fully understand the project, the borrower, and their vision
  • Analyze financials and debt service ratios to build a case that proves the ability to sustain new debt
  • Complete a formal Analysis/Presentation to share with loan committee for an approval
  • Present facts and offer opinions/recommendations to Lender concerning borrower’s credit worthiness
  • Review annual financials on existing loans and analyze the risk associated with the borrower’s financial condition


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