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Welcome to EZ Funding Solutions – Where Your Business Finance Journey Begins!

Founded by Parag Nevatia, on the principles of integrity, expertise, and unwavering support, EZ Funding Solutions is your premier partner in unlocking the potential of your business through strategic funding solutions. With a deep focus on making businesses bankable, we pride ourselves on offering more than just loan facilitation; we provide comprehensive counseling, analysis, and planning services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding businesses, bankers, and professional advisors through the complexities of financing, ensuring a path to success with our expert advice and innovative strategies.


Businesses Seeking Funding

Navigating the business financing can be complex and daunting. At EZ Funding Solutions, we stand as your dedicated business funding advisor and counselor, not the broker. Our expertise in SBA loans and a wide array of financing options opens the door for your business to thrive. We specialize in enhancing your loan approval chances by meticulously preparing your application, offering loan counseling, and conducting a thorough discovery analysis. Our aim? To empower your business with the financial tools it needs to grow and succeed.

Bankers and Financial Institutions

In the intricate landscape of business lending, EZ Funding Solutions is a trusted partner for bankers and financial institutions. We extend our services to enhance your client offerings, providing detailed business sustainability analysis, comprehensive planning, and projection analysis. By collaborating with us, you can ensure your clients receive the expert guidance they need for loan approvals, strengthening your client relationships and expanding your portfolio.

At EZ Funding Solutions, we meticulously prepare all necessary documents adhering to the Small Business Administration (SBA) guidelines, ensuring a seamless and secure loan process. Our comprehensive documentation service gives banks and lenders the confidence of a guaranteed SBA backing in the event of loan default. This not only streamlines the lending process but also provides peace of mind, knowing that the SBA’s stringent requirements are fully met, safeguarding both the lender’s and borrower’s interests in unforeseen circumstances.

CPAs & Lawyers

Our expertise isn’t just beneficial for direct funding seekers; CPAs and lawyers find invaluable support through our services. We assist in making your clients’ businesses bankable, facilitating smoother transactions and better financial health. Whether it’s through merger and acquisition price evaluations or loan facilitation services, our goal is to complement your professional advice with our financial acumen.

Our Promise

At EZ Funding Solutions, we are your business growth partners. Our approach is tailored, thoughtful, and designed to meet your unique financial needs. Whether you’re a small business owner, a banker, or a professional advisor, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to ensure your or your clients’ success.

Throughout our journey, EZ Funding Solutions has proudly supported a myriad of businesses and banks across New Jersey, Florida, New York, and many other states, in securing SBA loans. Our commitment to excellence and our tailored approach have not only facilitated the growth of businesses but have also strengthened the financial backbone of our clients, making their success stories our greatest achievements.

Join us in making business dreams a reality. Let’s navigate the path to financial success and create your success story together.

What We Offer

Solutions that get businesses funded.

Business Loan Consulting

We help your business secure financing by presenting Lenders with detailed Analyses and Reports.

Discovery Analysis

This is typically a Business Health Check-up service to understand your story, business, and goals.

Sustainability Analysis

We compare your financials every quarter to ensure the numbers show your business is sustainable.

Business Finance Advisory & Counseling

This is typically your Q & A kind of a service where we discuss your vision and advise you on…

Business Plans

We help you secure financing by presenting Lenders with qualified and detailed Analyses…

Projection Analysis

We deliver Projections & Assumptions with in-depth calculations, trends, model…

Acquisition Price Evaluation

Whether buying or selling, we confirm if the financials of the business are bankable.

Loan Facilitation Service

Working with a Bank on a Business Loan, but have too much going on in your own business.

What our clients say

We help you secure financing by presenting Lenders with qualified and detailed Analyses and Reports on you and your business – in a way that Lenders understand it.

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