Business Loan Consulting

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We help you secure financing by presenting Lenders with qualified and detailed Analyses and Reports on you and your business – in a way that Lenders understand it.

Service includes:

  • Consulting & Advisory (included in 100-150 hours)
  • Loan Structuring and Project Analysis Reports
  • Presentation & Introduction to Lender
  • Underwriting
  • Closing Coordination

Some key reasons why the Business Loan Consulting service is crucial for you:

  • Do not have to waste time & money shopping Banks with uncertainty of getting a loan
  • Learn if you are bankable within 2-4 days
  • Get advice and guidance from former and experienced Lenders who are on your side
  • Get solutions to financing related obstacles
  • Hire a company that has an exceptional reputation within the business lending/banking industry
  • Increase your chances of getting a loan approval
  • You get a chance to become Bankable and start or grow your dream

We represent you & help secure financing for your startup, expansion, acquisition, or refinance by first:

  • Discussing the loan process and setting expectations
  • Structuring an approvable Loan amount
  • Analyzing historical data to ensure sufficient cash flow
  • Building a case to prove the ability to sustain new debt
  • Creating monthly 3-year projections with models & assumptions that showcase expected growth
  • Calculating debt ratios and levels of potential risks
  • Presenting a professionally completed project to earn financing interest from a Lender
  • Underwriting majority of the loan for quicker approval
  • Coordinating the entire closing process to ensure a less hectic closing



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