Business Loan Consulting

Applying for a Business loan can be stressful, confusing, frustrating, time-consuming and all of this without any guarantee of success. Loans can be with real estate or without real estate. Some can be based on intangibles or receivables. There are lenders that give financing for only owner occupied properties while others finance investment properties. You have banks that give construction loans and others that don’t do construction loans at all. Some do national loans while others focus on regional loans or are restricted to a state. Then you have conventional loans versus SBA loans, MCA loans, etc. The world of financing as you can see can be daunting and complex.

Business Loan Consulting Service

So what does a business do in order to prepare to apply for a business loan; and then decide which financial institution to go to, with no indication of whether they are on the right path or not?

At EZ Funding Solutions, our Business Loan Consulting service is designed to do just that. In the complex world of business financing, our focus is on making the borrower bankable first, choose the right banker partner, and then navigate the loan process in a focussed, efficient, transparent and streamlined manner, to reach the end goal which is the loan closing.

Understanding Business Loan Consulting

Business Loan Consulting is an invaluable service for entrepreneurs looking to secure financing. It offers a comprehensive approach to the loan process from initial due diligence and preparation, followed by underwriting, to eventual loan closing and beyond. Our consulting service also ensures that businesses are not only able to secure the financing but are also well positioned for sustainable growth and success.

Here are some key aspects of Business Loan Consulting and its significance for business owners:

  • Expert Advisory and Consulting: Business Loan Consulting services provide business owners with access to experienced advisors/consultants who offer insights, guidance, and strategic advice throughout the loan process. As former bankers, we understand the intricacies of the lending market, including what lenders look for in successful loan applications.
  • Loan Structuring and Analysis: One of the core components of Business Loan Consulting is the structuring of the loan and the detailed analysis of the business financials, both historical and projected. We work closely with business owners to structure the loan in a way that enhances approval chances, based on a thorough analysis of the business’s financial health, cash flow, and debt service requirements.
  • Preparation and Presentation: EZ Funding Solutions not only prepare a compelling loan project report, but also work on all the mitigants upfront and set a clear path to the finish line which is the closing table. Having us on your side can significantly enhance the chances of securing financing, as we leverage our networks and relationships within the banking and lending community.
  • Underwriting Support: We start the process with pre-underwriting the loan upfront so that when the file gets to the bank, most of the questions are answered already. This can significantly speed up the formal underwriting process at the bank and bring the file closer to the commitment or approval stage. This service includes, but is not limited to, filling up forms correctly to avoid delays and frustrations, and communicate with the banks, as and when required.
  • Closing Coordination: The closing process of a loan comes after the approval, and it can be complex and daunting as well. It usually involves anywhere from 8-12 people touching the loan file, to perform their tasks in order to bring the file to the closing table. We at EZFS, quarterback this stage by holding accountability status calls to make sure all the tasks are being completed timely so that our client can close the loan as quickly as possible.

Significance of Business Loan Consulting

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Navigating the loan process can be time-consuming and costly without guidance. EZFS Consultants streamline this process so that the business owners can save time and start making money.
  • Increased Approval Odds: With our expertise and insider knowledge, EZFS consultants significantly increase the likelihood of loan approval by presenting the business in the best possible light to potential lenders.
  • Customized Loan Solutions: Every business has unique financial needs and situations. EZFS Consultants tailor the loan structure to align with the business’s goals and bank requirements, ensuring the best possible outcome.
  • Risk Mitigation: By conducting a thorough discovery analysis and preparing detailed projections, EZFS consultants help mitigate the additional financial debt burden, ensuring business sustainability for long term growth.

Business Loan Consulting Services Include

  • Consulting & Advisory: Benefit from 50-75 hours of expert consulting and advisory services to guide you through the loan process.
  • Loan Structuring and Project Analysis Reports: Receive detailed reports that articulate your business case clearly and effectively to lenders.
  • Presentation & Introduction to Lender: We don’t just prepare your application; we also introduce you to lenders, increasing your chances of success.
  • Underwriting: Our team undertakes the majority of the underwriting process to speed up your loan approval.
  • Closing Coordination: We coordinate the entire closing process, making it as smooth and hassle-free as possible for you.
EZFS business advisory & counseling service includes
EXFS Business and Loan Counseling Process

Our Process

  • Loan Process Introduction Call: We start by discussing the loan process and setting clear expectations.
  • Loan Structuring: Determining an approvable loan type and amount based on your needs and financial situation.
  • Cash Flow Analysis: Analyzing your historical and / or projected data to ensure there is sufficient cash flow to support new debt.
  • Debt Sustainability: Building a compelling case to prove your ability to sustain new debt and build equity.
  • Creating Loan Projections: Crafting detailed 2 – 3 years monthly projections with models and assumptions to support your expected growth.
  • Risk Assessment: Calculating your debt ratios and identifying potential risks to address in your loan application.
  • Professional Presentation: Presenting your project professionally to lenders to spark financing interest.
  • Efficient Underwriting and Closing: Facilitating majority of underwriting requirements for quicker approval and coordinating closing process.

Why Choose EZFS for Business Loan Consulting?

  • Save Time and Money: Avoid the uncertainty and frustration of bank shopping. Learn about your bankability within 3-5 days*.
  • Expert Guidance: Gain invaluable insights and advice from former and experienced lenders/bankers who are now on your side.
  • Overcome Financing Obstacles: We provide solutions to any financing-related challenges, enhancing your loan approval chances.
  • Reputable Advocacy: Leveraging our exceptional reputation within the business lending and banking industry, we advocate effectively on your behalf.
  • Become Bankable: Our service not only increases your chances of loan approval but also helps you become a more attractive prospect to banks for future endeavors.

Secure Your Business’s Future Today

With EZ Funding Solutions’ Business Loan Consulting service, securing financing for your dream business has never been easier. Our team is committed to representing you and ensuring you have the best possible chance to secure the funding you need. Whether it’s for a startup, expansion, acquisition, or refinance, let us help you navigate the complexities of securing a business loan with confidence and ease.


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