Acquisition Price Evaluation

Ensuring Bankable Deals for Buyers and Sellers

Our Acquisition Price Evaluation service is designed to ensure that both buyers and sellers engage in transactions that are not only profitable but also financeable. By meticulously assessing the financial health of the business, this service provides a foundation for decisions that align with your financial goals and lending criteria.

Understanding “Acquisition Price Evaluation” Service

The Acquisition Price Evaluation service assesses whether the financials of a business being bought or sold justify the transaction price merged with the right kind of buyer, ie: the buyers ability to come up with enough down payment thus ensuring it’s bankability through a loan. It includes financial analysis, to determine an approvable loan amount, and providing a financing game plan, among other insights. This service helps buyers and sellers understand the financeability of the deal, addressing any financial discrepancies and offering solutions to enhance the transaction’s success.

Service Inclusions

Approvable Purchase/Loan Amount & Structure: Navigate your acquisition with a clear understanding of financeable amounts and structures.

Financial Analysis Report on Historical Data: Gain insights into the business’s financial track record for informed decision-making.

Discoveries on Financials: Uncover critical financial details that could impact the transaction.

Solutions & Suggestions: Receive actionable advice to address any financial concerns.

Financing Game Plan: Develop a strategic approach to financing the acquisition.

Resources and Referrals: Access to a network of professionals who can further facilitate the transaction.

Advisory: Benefit from expert guidance throughout the acquisition process.

Sale/Acquisition Price Suggestion: Leverage our expertise to determine a realistic and financeable selling or purchasing price by balancing debt service ratios with loan structures.

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Business Price Evaluation with Loan Fee

Why Choose Our Acquisition Price Evaluation Service?

Financeability: Ensure your sale or purchase price aligns with what lending institutions are willing to finance.

Financial Clarity: Address and resolve issues in financials and tax returns that could hinder selling or financing.

Professional Support: Get introduced to CPAs who can accurately represent your business’s financial health.

Bankability Assurance: Verify the financial viability of a business before committing to a purchase.

By determining if a business’s price is justified by its financials, our service assesses its ability to support the sale price, sustain new loans, manage expenses effectively, and showcase a potential for growth. This comprehensive analysis ensures that you enter into transactions with full confidence in their financial soundness and sustainability.

Why Choose EZ Funding Solutions?

Choosing EZ Funding Solutions for Acquisition Price Evaluation service ensures that you benefit from expert financial analysis and strategic advice, tailored to enhance the financeability of your acquisition. Our detailed approach not only assesses the lendable value of a business but also focuses on making transactions bankable, providing a clear, actionable plan for buyers and sellers alike. This service is crucial for making informed decisions and securing a deal that aligns with financial goals and lending criteria.

Ready to ensure your business acquisition is positioned for success? Contact EZ Funding Solutions today to leverage our Acquisition Price Evaluation service. Whether buying or selling, we will provide you with the expert analysis and strategic advice needed to make informed decisions and secure financeable deals. Don’t navigate the complexities of acquisition by yourself; let our professionals guide you to a successful transaction. Reach out now to begin your journey towards a bankable business acquisition.

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