Business Modeling and Projection Analysis

We deliver Projections and Assumptions with in-depth calculations, trends, model, and descriptions. We also simplify complex methods and numbers so that your Borrower’s business is clear to understand.

Service includes:

  • 2-3 Year (monthly) Projections
  • Detailed Assumptions
  • Notes, Feedback, Recommendation

Some key reasons why your Borrowers should use EZFS Projection-Analysis & Business Modeling Service:

  • Former Lender with Credit Underwriting Certification
  • Extensive knowledge of SBA SOPs and Bank regulations
  • Credibility within the Banking fraternity
  • Our work brings out the much-needed logic behind the numbers
  • Our work is built with minute details that banks can comprehend easily
  • Clients can use our work as a guideline to follow for their business
  • Our fees are very cost effective to your Borrower
  • Ultimate value in this service to the client as well as a bank

If your Borrower project is prepared in every aspect except Projections and Assumptions, we offer this service to your Borrower so that your Bank can approve the loan with comfort.


  • Fully understand the project, the borrower, and their vision to begin the analysis
  • Analyze financials and debt service ratios to build a case that proves the ability to sustain new debt based on the structured loan amount
  • Create a business model based on the nature and activity of the business which is easy to understand
  • Complete a 2-3-year, month-by-month Projection Analysis, along with detailed Assumptions and notes to support projected figures
  • Calculate debt ratios and levels of potential risks for Lender
  • Present facts and offer opinions/recommendations to Lender concerning discoveries found in the Analysis process

Get our Business Modeling and Projection Analysis services for $3,000.


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Business Modeling and Projection Analysis Service

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