1. Is EZFS a loan brokerage, bank, or lender?

No, we are an advisory and consulting company with background and experience as bankers. Weare hired by clients/businesses to make them bankable and get them funded so they can grow, build equity, or sell the business. We alsocollaborate with banks by presenting them with prepared and approvable clients/loans.

2. Why should I hire EZFS instead of going straight to the Bank?

Many reasons. We are former bankers who know exactly how the loan process works and what is required for a loan approval. We know the banking/lending and SBA requirements and have credit certifications that enable us to qualify and underwrite loans. We can identify and provide the solutionsthat you need, which Banks cannot legally provide. Since all banks cannot lend to all types of businesses, we have a handpicked network of Lenders across the states who have specific industry interests and ability to measure/take risk in their investment, your business. We have 30+ years of combined experience in helping businesses start and grow with funding, one after another.

3. How much down payment do I need for a business loan?

Down payment depends on the total project cost, loan structure, historical cash flow (if available), credit scores, collateral, risks, industry or type of business, affiliate businesses, owner occupancy, etc. It can range from 10%-25% depending on all the risks.

4. Do I have to give my property as collateral?

Possibly. Full collateral is always required for Conventional loans; however, SBA loan programs can allow financing with little to no collateral. If you have a property, you will have to provide it as collateral. If you don’t have a property, it’s alright. Some SBA regulations do allow the home to be excluded from being taken as collateral, but that also depends on the risks in the loan and type of lender.

5. How can EZFS help me get a lower interest rate?

If you’re a startup, there’s no room for negotiation. If you have, or are buying, an established business or real estate with satisfactory cash flow and net profits, full collateral to offer towards the loan, sufficient down payment and reserves, over 700 credit score, favorable or less risky industry of business, and no major outlining issues in the loan project, we may be able to help you get a lower interest rate depending on the bank’s interest and additional requirements.

6. What kind of financing does EZFS help with?

Startups, real estate or business acquisitions, expansion, refinance, construction or renovation, franchise, partner buyout, etc.

7. How long does it take to get a business loan?

It depends on the type of loan. The time varies based on loan amount, type of lender and their process, client’s ability to provide all documentation on time, lender’s closing rate and requirements, construction documentation, and especially the availability and timely efforts of all parties/individuals included in the loan project. If we were to answer this question to the best of our ability, nothing less than 3 months to 4 months (90-120 days) from start to finish if everything goes smoothly.

8. In which states does EZFS provide services?

All 50 states!

9. Can EZFS help me qualify for a business loan?

Yes, that’s our job! We have services that can determine if you qualify for a business loan and for how much. If we realize that you don’t qualify at that given time, we also have services that provide the solutions necessary to qualify you.

10. I have great business, but my tax returns and financials don’t show it. How can EZFS help?

Although financing is strictly based on numbers at the end of the day, we may be able to help showcase the real potential of your business and your entrepreneurial abilities through some of our services and expertise. And we may need to talk to your CPA/Accountant!

11. Does EZFS only help with business financing?

Our services are focused on financing and everything to do with it. Which means that we have services specifically designed for you before the loan and after the loan. Business planning, projecting, modelling, coaching, advising, monitoring, and so much more.

12. Can EZFS help me find the right professionals to work with?

Yup! Lender, attorney, cpa/accountant, insurance agent, general contractor, architect, IT professional, marketing professional, etc. You name it, we have the network.

13. If my business has been affected by COVID-19, can I still qualify for a business loan?

Yes, as long as we gain a clear understanding of what your gameplan is to improve the business going forward.

14. If I want to sell my business, can EZFS help my buyer secure financing?

Of course, but first we mustlook at your business financials and see if they’re bankable. We can help you gain insight on what a bank can or cannot approve, so that you can set your business sale price right and identify the most appropriate buyer.

15. Does EZFS help businesses or banks?

Both! We have services to ease the process for Entrepreneurs/Businesses and Banks/Lenders.

16. Do I call EZFS before looking for a business/property, or after?

Before, if possible. Once we understand your plan, we can help you set expectations, explain what you need to look out for while browsing or talking to sellers/brokers, and advise you on everything that needs to be completed to obtain financing and gain ownership.

17. Can EZFS conduct a presentation for my organization?

We would love to! We conduct webinars, seminars, and panel discussions for organizations that want to learn more about EZFS and identify ways to collaborate.