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Why does a business need a Business Plan?

Watch and learn why a business plan is an essential tool that will ease the presentation of an idea and the formal due diligence process.

How do you convince a Bank, Investor, or a Partner that your business is a viable investment?

Whether you are a bank helping a borrower or someone who is about to start or grow a business, a well composed business plan is an essential tool that will ease the presentation of an idea and the formal due diligence process.

Our Business Plans provide crucial details and data that is required by Banks and Investors for their decision-making. We cover key elements such as – products, services, operations and revenue models, competitive advantages, marketing, leadership, staffing, projections, growth plans, industry outlook, and so on.

Our Lender partners can also refer their borrowers to us so we can prep them up with a detailed Business Plan and send them back for an approval.

Within a 3–6-week timeframe, our client can confidently present Banks, or any investor, with a plan that represents their business in its truest form.

Scenarios of when a Business Plan may be required:

  • When a Borrower seeks funding from a Bank
  • When a Bank requires one for a Borrower with a start-up or expansion of business
  • When a Franchise is new or growing
  • When Builders and Developers have to express their work to consumers or investors
  • When someone is seeking a Private Investor or Partner

Let us set the tone for your business, or your borrower’s business, in the very beginning of the endeavor through the Loan or Growth packages that we offer.

Packages and Prices:

Package 1: Loan Package = $4,500*

  • Vision & Mission
  • Background
  • Business Model
  • Industry Analysis (abbreviated)
  • Demographics
  • Financing
  • Projections
  • Personal
  • Risk Analysis & SWOT
  • Pictures
  • Addendums

Package 2: Growth Package (includes all in Package 1 + Risk Planning/Mitigation) = $6,000* (Call for details and payments)

Loan Package, plus:

  • Industry Analysis (detailed)
  • Ratios
  • Feasibility Study
  • Strategies


Rest assure that once the Business Plan is delivered, our client is allowed one revision free of charge. $250 for additional changes.



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