Business Plans

Business Plans are required for various reasons by different people. First, we have to identify who needs the business plan, for what purpose, and then come up with the right strategy and content for it.

Banks need Business Plans for their underwriting purposes. Because of our prior Banking experience, most of our Business Plans are customized to give the Bank the right ingredients for their underwriting purposes. Typically, our Banker partners have been referring their clients to us for this service for their loans.

Timeline can take 3 weeks to 6 weeks or more, depending on how much information we need/receive from the client and how often, in order to complete the process. Once the Business Plan is delivered, the client is allowed one change free of charge, after which, it will cost $250 per change.

We welcome Business Plan inquiries from the following:

  • Businesses needing Funding from Banks
  • Banks needing a Business Plans for the client’s business loans
  • Franchises
  • Property Management Companies or Builders
  • Investors, etc.

To customize a Business Plan for your business or your client, please contact us and we will work with you in order to get the right language, message, and tone, so that the end product demonstrates the right results that you are seeking.

Packages and Prices:

Package 1: Loan Package = $4,000*

  • Vision & Mission
  • Background
  • Business Model
  • Industry Analysis (abbreviated)
  • Demographics
  • Financing
  • Projections
  • Personal
  • Risk Analysis & SWOT
  • Pictures
  • Addendums

Package 2: Growth Package (includes all in Package 1 + Risk Planning/Mitigation) = $5,000*

Loan Package, plus:

  • Industry Analysis (detailed)
  • Ratios
  • Feasibility Study
  • Strategies

Business Plan Fee – First payment

Business Plan Fee – Second payment

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