Business Finance Advisory & Counseling

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This is typically your Q & A kind of a service where we discuss your vision and advise you on the: process, timeline, expectations, documentation, regulations, communication, and costs so you are well informed before considering financing.

Service includes:

  • Questions & Answers (Advice) via phone or meetup, up to 10 hours within 6 months
  • Professional recommendations, financing game plan, offers on additional services
  • Access to EZFS Resources/Relationship/Network of professionals (CPA, Attorney, RE/Insurance Agents, Merchant Services, etc.)

Some key reasons why Business Finance Advisory service is crucial for you/your business:

  • Know what you are getting into
  • Be able to make informed financing decisions
  • Understand all the requirements and expectations upfront
  • Strategize and discuss a plan for growth
  • Resolve personal and business finances prior to the loan process
  • Learn about how a properly managed loan can help start and grow ANY deserving business

You may or may not be ready for financing, so this service is designed to help guide & educate you on:

  • How loan products help you and your business
  • When and how you can become ready for financing
  • The process of financing
  • The obstacles you/your business may need to resolve before seeking financing
  • The importance of preparing and completing documents correctly for a loan approval on a timely basis
  • Possible scenarios to ensure financing
  • All financing related questions you may have


*All prices subject to change.

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