The Journey of Financing | Podcast Episode 10

May 6, 2021

Financing is like building blocks. It takes data, compliance, logic, experience, market, economy, team, trends, and vision to get to the other end of the tunnel – the closing table.  Finally, a consulting company that serves Small Businesses and Banks.

Getting financing is like building blocks it’s like telling a story and sticking to it. For example, how much money you need, and how you intend to pay it back. There’s logic involved, common sense involved, honesty involved, and math involved. And there’s always the unknown. What if something goes wrong, not as planned. We call it risk. There’s provision for contingencies to an extent, but this whole phenomenon can go drastically wrong.

The reality of financing, although, is that, very often, it does get complicated. The unknowns do come out, and they cause a bit of confusion, and that’s where the so-called pros, the underwriters, the smarter loan officers, the number wizards, come in on one side, along with the legal warriors, called the lawyers, come into play from the other side and sort of diffuse the so-called, mess, that almost all financing projects land themselves into. It’s like all the building blocks lead to miscalculation, restructure, redo a little bit of this and that, rebuilt to eventually saving the day, which we call the closing. But keep in mind this journey, of getting money, is never easy, like a long tunnel.

It’s pretty much the same anywhere on the planet. It’s all these pieces coming together, aligning it all together, provisioning, then misfiring, correcting, realigning, refocusing, redoing paperwork, basically re-provisioning, improvising, reprocessing, and finally seeing daylight at the end of the tunnel. It’s a phenomenon. It’s a journey. Unfortunately, most of the time, while the end result is almost always fruitful, no one has anything good you say about the journey, because usually, there’s no fun left behind at the end of this journey. It’s usually bad, painful, and leaves many bad memories behind. But yet money talks.

EZ Funding Solutions doesn’t get you money, we clear and make the path to get you the money.

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