Restaurant Turned Into Franchise Concept

April 26, 2022

Service: Business Loan Consulting

Client: Restaurant turned into Franchise Concept

Need: Client needed funding to open their third location and so on. They also wanted to turn their business into a Franchise model so they can grow the business throughout the country much faster. There were a few issues holding them back from growing – some debt, unsatisfactory cash flow, and lack of a franchise model.  

EZFS: We spent time to gather all the facts and information, understood their vision and goals, and then figured out a game plan and timeline. We realized that they were not ready for financing at that exact time, however, with our advising, consulting, and communication with their CPA, they were able to resolve the cash flow issues within a few months, making them/the business bankable going forward. Additionally, we connected them with a Franchise Consultant and Franchise Attorney from our Network, which helped them an SBA approved franchise. Now they are a growing franchise in multiple states.